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Early Help Services (EHS) Consent to Use Information

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Early Help Services (EHS) Consent to Use Information

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  1. What are Early Help Services in Norfolk?

  2. Early help services (EHS) are designed to assist individual and families in Norfolk at the earliest stage possible with issues relating to them and their families. Services can include advice, guidance, support, assessments and the provision of direct services.

  3. Who is involved in providing Early Help Services?

  4. A range of organisations provide and assist in the provision of early help services and, in Norfolk, these organisations have agreed to work together to provide joined up and comprehensive support to individuals and families as early as possible.

    The following organisations provide early help and have joined together to meet the needs of individuals and families: Norfolk County Council (NCC); the district council for the area the family lives in; Children’s Centres; health bodies (e.g. GPs, health visitors, midwives), schools and colleges; early years settings (e.g. childminders and nurseries); the Norfolk Police; Probation; Registered Social Landlords (e.g. housing associations); the Youth Offending Team; and relevant voluntary agencies.

    These agencies and organisations are described below as “partners”.

  5. Why do we need to collect and share the personal information of the families we work with?

  6. The partners need to collect and share the personal information of individual and families we work with to
    • provide joined up and comprehensive advice, guidance, assessments, services, support and direct services to individuals and families as early as possible.
    • establish, in particular, whether you are eligible for the Family Focus (early help) service provided by Norfolk County Council’s Children’s Services department (NCC)
    • evaluate and assess how these services have benefited you and your family.

    Further details regarding who we are, how long we use your and your family’s information for, your rights under the GDPR and how to exercise them are on the partners’ web sites. For example, details about how NCC uses your information can be found at: Visit Alternatively, you can ask us for a copy of this information.

  7. How will the information be collected, stored and shared?

  8. A partner will collect your personal information, store it securely in written/electronic form on their system and, with your consent (as set out in the form below) share it with NCC and any other relevant partner.

  9. How will your personal information be protected by the partners who receive your information?

  10. All partners comply with data protection legislation.

  11. Will there be occasions where personal information will be shared without consent?

  12. Information about you and your family will normally only be shared with your consent. But we might lawfully share information without your consent:

    • If a child or adult may be at risk of harm; or
    • For the prevention or detection of crime.

  13. Who is being asked to give consent?

  14. So that we can work with you as well as other members of your family, it is very helpful that everyone in the family gives their permission for their information to be shared. Your children can give their own permission if they are old enough to understand what this means. But, please be assured, you do not have to give this agreement and it will not affect the EHS you receive from the partner who you originally contacted.

  15. What if I change my mind about consenting to the sharing of information?

  16. If you change your mind, or a member of your family changes their mind about sharing of information between the partners, you all have the right to withdraw consent and this can be done at any time. You can do so by contacting the partner who helped you complete this form and the Early Help Data and Performance Manager, Floor 4, County Hall, Martineau Lane, Norwich NR12DH.

Information sharing and consent
Information about you and your family that we are seeking your consent to share with other partners in order to assist us in providing Early Help Support.
To assist us in providing early help services to you, we are seeking your consent to share information about you with our partners. This will include:
  • The information on this form
  • The information on the Request for Support Form
  • Details of any advice, guidance, support, assessments and direct services that are provided to you and your family
Consent Statement
  1. I agree to the use and sharing of information with all partners as set out in paragraphs 3 and 4 above
  2. I understand that I do not have to give this agreement and it will not affect the other services that I receive
  3. I understand that there may be circumstances where we will still share your information with other agencies without your agreement. This will include where it is necessary for the prevention of detetection of crime
  4. I understand that I can withdraw my consent at any time