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Help Hub Services Consent to Use Information

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Help Hub Services Consent to Use Information

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Privacy statement
How we use your data

The Help Hub is a partnership of services, administered by South Norfolk Council and Broadland District Council (the Councils), working together to meet residents support needs. The Help Hub aims to find people the right support or services to meet the problems they are facing. The Councils are what is known as the ‘Data Controller’ for your data, and act as independent, sole data controllers. The Council that you are resident of is the ‘Data Controller’ for your personal data for the duration of your request for support.

The Councils take your privacy seriously and will use your personal data to:
  • Identify what issues you need support with and any factors that may be exacerbating these needs
  • Ascertain which Council services or partner agencies may be able to support you
  • Refer you to services and partner agencies so that they can support you
  • Update partner agencies making a Help Hub referral on your behalf on the outcome of your referral (where appropriate)
  • Update relevant partner agencies involved in supporting you on your circumstances to ensure a consistent approach to meet your support needs (where appropriate)
  • Provide advice and guidance to you though other services delivered directly by the Councils
  • Produce anonymised statistical reports to evaluate the effectiveness and capacity of support offered through the Help Hub partnership
  • Alert or update services and organisations on any risks relating to you to keep you and others safe and to ensure you get the right support
In addition to the information provided by you on this form, we may collect further information from Help Hub partner agencies to work out how best to assist you.

Help Hub partner agencies include but are not limited to:
  • Other local authorities
  • Your GP or health care providers
  • Private landlords and Registered Housing Providers
  • Probation services
  • Other internal council departments
  • Police
  • Department for Work and Pensions
  • Childrens services (Norfolk County Council)
  • Adult Social Services (Norfolk County Council)
  • Domestic abuse support providers
  • Voluntary and community sector partners
  • Any other organisations providing you with support
If there are organisations or individuals that you do not want us to discuss your case with, please list them below.

To view our full Privacy Notices, please click here if you live within Broadland and here if you live in South Norfolk.
Consent statement
  1. I agree to the use and sharing of information with all partners as set out above
  2. I understand that I do not have to give this agreement and it will not affect the other services that I receive
  3. I understand that there may be circumstances where we will still share your information with other agencies without your agreement. This will include where it is necessary for the prevention of detection of crime, or a risk of harm
  4. I understand that I can withdraw my consent at any time